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These 100% cotton towel bibs are made with toweling and a carefully chosen coordinating yoke top. Great for car traveling, nursing homes, assisted living centers, people with special needs, applying makeup, making crafts, or any activity you need a clothing protector to keep you clean. Comes with or without pockets.  IMPORTANT!  Always fasten Velcro before washing as Velcro may snag toweling.

B&W Red Floral Towel Bib w/Pkts
Our Price:  $21.95  
Coffee Cup-Dot Towel Bib w/Pkts
Our Price:  $21.95  
USA Patchwork Towel Bib w/Pkts
Originally:  $21.95  
Sale Price:  $16.00  
Religious Words Towel Bib w/Pkts
Our Price:  $21.95  
Pink Kittens Towel Bib w/Pkts
Our Price:  $21.95  
Blue Floral-Leaf Towel Bib w/Pkts
Our Price:  $21.95  
Moustache-Bl.Towel Bib with Pkts
Our Price:  $21.95  
Moustache-Br.Towel Bib NO Pkts
Our Price:  $21.95  
Gr/Bl Football Towel Bib
Our Price:  $21.95  
Football Towel Bib NO pockets
Our Price:  $21.95  
Motorcycles Towel Bib/Pockets
Our Price:  $21.95  
PLUS SIZE Sports Towel Bib
Our Price:  $21.95  
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